twenty-hour intensive driving courses Perth

A twenty-hour intensive driving course in Perth Scotland would help you to pass your driving test sooner than if you took weekly lessons. The twenty-hour course is suitable for a learner driver who wants to take extra lessons before a practical test. The twenty-hour intensive driving course is also suitable for a new learner who needs to start their lessons with a good foundation. Learning to drive for the beginner should always be in a quiet area where the concentration on controlling the car is the most important aspect. Once the basics of car control are grasped and practised often it’s only then can a new driver focus on the surroundings.

The top category for failing a driving test is the lack of observations. Sounds easily fixed, but not when you are still grappling with the controls. Once the controls have been mastered, only then can one be truly observant.

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Scottish Driving School Perth

The Scottish driving school is an established DVSA Approved high-quality school of motoring that specialises in helping the very nervous student to overcome their fears. Apart from the unique teaching style, we recommend that a learner driver, who thinks that driving a car is a little daunting book an intensive course. Not to pass the test quickly, but to be able to learn to drive in a relaxed environment before contemplating taking the practical test.

Twenty-hour intensive course timetable

The twenty-hour course time table can be adjusted to suit your needs. You can take the course over one week or more. Let us know your circumstance and see how we can help you gain your full driving licence.

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