The Theory Test Questions given to you on the day of your test will be based on your knowledge of The Highway Code, Driving Lesson experiences and legal obligations.
Once you have studied and practised a few example questions you should go to the link below and test yourself on an example published by the DVSA.
This practice should be completed a few days before your actual theory test.
To gain maximum benefit from this example set of questions you should make sure you are not distracted with other people or your phone. This will get you into similar conditions as those that will be encountered on the day of your actual test.

DVSA Theory Test Practice Example

Theory Study Material

The OFFICIAL DSA GUIDE to DRIVING the essential skills 2013 edition

Buy The Official DSA Guide to DRIVING

There are a lot of CD’s & study books on the market to help you study for both of your tests. The Official DSA Guide to DRIVING is the recommended book for all practical driving skills.
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The Official Highway Code
The Highway Code is essential reading for all drivers, whether learners or experienced. The Highway Code is the book of rules that drivers should always strive to work to.
You can read a copy on-line or purchase a copy.
Online Highway Code

The Official Highway Code

Study Advice

Once you have purchased your study material I would suggest you glance through the books. This gives you an overview of the contents. You could then either read one page at a time as you would a reading book. Alternatively you could choose any topic that catches your attention.
For example if you spotted a photograph or drawing that you thought looked interesting. You read more about it. The photograph or drawing when linked to the description text, could help you to remember the topic details.

5 Simple Questions

Try and answer these 5 apparently simple questions. If you answer them first time then well done.

If you failed to answer any one of them, you will need to look more deeper than a superficial read of The Highway Code.

  1. When can’t you park on the right of a road?
  2. When can you overtake on a double white line not including parked
    vehicles or road user travelling less than 10 mph?     Answer
  3. How can you tell which lane you are on when driving in the fog on an empty motorway?    Answer
  4. When towing a caravan when can you drive in the outside lane of a motorway? (not including accidents, roadworks etc.) Answer
  5. You are driving along a country road. You see this sign. AFTER dealing safely with the hazard you should always
    A check your tyre pressure
    B switch on your hazard warning lights
    C accelerate quickly
    D test your brakes. Answer