New driving test using sat nav

new driving test using sat nav

A new driving test using sat nav is being introduced for learner car drivers on December 4th, 2017. You will need to know how this new test procedure will take place if you are to be successful in passing your test.

New driving test using sat nav

The driving examiner will provide and set up a fully charged sat nav, using one of the test routes that have been pre-installed. The learner driver will not be required to set it up, nor touch it during the test. A TomTom Start 52 sat nav will be used on the test, but it doesn’t matter which one you use on your lessons. Any sat nav in the driving

new driving test using sat nav New driving test using sat nav[/caption]

school car, or your own car, if you are using it for the test, should be turned off.

The examiner will position the sat nav on a dash-mat so it doesn’t move or fall off. However, on some cars it may have to be fitted to the windscreen. The power for the sat nav will be provided by an external powerbank, it won’t be plugged into your car.

Independent driving section

The independent driving section will be increased from 10 minutes to 20 minutes on December 4th.

The instructions the examiner will give when starting the independent part of the test using a sat nav are:

“Shortly I’d like you to drive for some distance independently. I’d like you to follow a series of directions from the sat nav please. Continue to follow the sat nav until I tell you otherwise. Drive on when you’re ready”.

One in 5 tests will be following traffic signs, and not directions from a sat nav.

The screen and sound

The screen will display the car’s speed, and the speed limit for the road. However, you should use the car’s speedometer and follow speed limit signs. The examiner will only use the car’s speedometer reading.

The sound will be turned on for the independent driving part, unless you ask for it to be turned off.

Why the changes are being made

Most fatal collisions happen on rural or high-speed roads (not including motorways). You should spend more time practising on these roads & during a driving test. This will better prepare you for driving on your own. Read more on why the changes.

Driving test manoeuvres are changing

Changing the manoeuvres that get tested means the test won’t need to spend as much time on the quieter side roads. The revised manoeuvres can be carried out more naturally during the test.