Learn to drive Broxden – Inveralmond roundabouts

Learn to drive Broxden

To help learner drivers who are unsure about the correct method to navigate around Broxden and Inveralmond roundabouts. We have published a learn to drive Broxden and Inveralmond roundabouts video on YouTube. [scroll down for a video copy]

When it comes to dealing with roundabouts that have more than one lane. The golden rule would be to stay in the lane you are currently occupying. Even if it’s the wrong lane for your destination. The exception to that rule would be that if you re really sure it’s the wrong lane. You have checked all of your mirrors including a glance to the sides. Then if it’s safe to change lanes give the appropriate signal. Only at this time should you change lanes. Usually, though traffic is flying around and looking would become a quick look, which is not very safe to do.

Going in the wrong lane on a driving test

When you are taking your driving test and you realise that you are in the wrong lane for your destination, you should remain in that lane except on three occasions.

  1. You have checked all mirrors including a sideways look and it is safe to change lanes
  2. The lane you are currently in is taking you towards a motorway or a road with a No Entry sign on it or possibly a vehicle has broken down
  3. The driving examiner advises you to carefully move into another lane possibly because of option 2.
  4. If you take wrong directions on your driving test, you do not fail, unless option 2 is encountered.
  5. The driving test is about car control rather than following directions.

I have had over the years several learner drivers take the wrong route and still pass. The wrongest number of turns on record is five, but not illegal turns. The pupil still passed even though the test overrun by 15 minutes. When you learn to drive correctly you become to realise that learning to drive a car cannot be rushed. We specialise in providing intensive driving courses, but not so you can rush the learning experience, but so that you can reinforce the learning experience.

Learn to drive by practising

When you learn any new topic, that topic needs to be practised over and over again. It’s only this way that any topic, including driving a car can be mastered. Taking lessons close together, such as an intensive course is the best way to remember all of the techniques required to pass a practical test and become a safe driver for life.


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