Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019 to all learner drivers past and future. To learner drivers who have yet to start their lessons here are a few tips for 2019 to get the best learning experience.

Beginners who are starting from scratch especially those who may be nervous. Listen carefully to your driving instructor when the car controls are explained to you. Take notes if you want, but your instructor might give you a handout. If neither of those happens, then as soon as possible after your lesson, write down as much as you can remember in a notebook.

This note-taking practice should continue throughout your driving lessons. Immediately after each experience make a note of any relevant topic. Before each new lesson look into your records to recap a previous lesson. Have a happy new year 2019 by making a resolution to “do things the right way.”

This technique will save you a lot of money and time on your lessons. The students who do well on their driving test are the ones that do the homework alongside the experiences. Because taking driving lessons appears to be a purely practical activity, students tend not to think about note-taking as a way of remembering more.

Another tip for a happy new year 2019 is to study for your theory test as if it were an exam you would take at college or university. Looking at the theory test app on its own is not the right way to understand the topic of driving safely. Studying for an exam as an isolation of the subject involved gets inferior results as far as a deep understanding of the question.

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019

Visualise yourself as already passing your driving test. You are concentrating your mind on each aspect of moving along the road in your car. What speed am I going at – what speed limit am I in? Is the speed limit appropriate to the road conditions? The traffic signs indicate a 30 mph speed limit, but there are a lot of parked cars and pedestrians. Maybe I should go a little slower in case I need to stop. My speed seems a little high, I will slow down and change to a lower gear in an unhurried fashion.

The previous paragraph demonstrates how a drivers mind should be focused every time a car is being driven. This focus keeps you safe and all other road users. It will also get you through your driving test. Have a happy new year 2019 with a New year resolution to go one step further.