DVSA Official Theory Books and CD’s can be purchased from Perth Intensive Driving Courses site. Learn to drive books & CD’s are a great way to upgrade your driving

DVSA Official Theory Books
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skills. Books and CD’s to help pass your driving and theory test. Hazard Perception CD’s can help you to practice for your hazard perception test. The Hazard perception test is part of your theory test. You must pass both parts before you qualify for a Theory Pass Certificate.

Scottish Driving School pupils receive  help for the Theory Test as part of their driving lessons. Learning the theory of driving is essential to be a safe driver for life. Students who cram the theory training into a few hours before their theory test will be less knowledgeable than the student who reads over a longer period.

DVSA Official Theory Books Structured Driving Lessons
Driving lessons that are structured plus the studying of driving books and CD’s will help learner drivers to reach driving test standard in a shorter time.
Aimlessly drifting on week after week with one lesson a week and no studying in-between will cost more and could mean a lengthy time before test standard is reached.

Driving Test Preparation

Preparing for your driving test is more than just practicing the test questions on a CD. Learning to drive and pass your driving test with ease should be the goal of every student.

The mistake often made when learning the theory of driving and skimping on lessons is to treat it as you would an exam at school. When you understand the theory of driving and practice often enough, you could easily pass your driving test first time.

Driving test preparation – The Key To Passing A Driving Test First Time. Learning to drive is a skill for life, not something you do for an exam.

Fact: Driving on a driving test, should be no different to driving as you would on a good lesson

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