driving test advice

Driving test Advice & DVSA* rules for learner drivers that must be complied with if you are to successfully complete your practical driving test. The first rule is that you must have passed your theory test before you can book your driving test. [WARNING: Use this link to go to the official DVSA .gov.uk website. There are fake websites out there.]

A practical driving exam should only be booked once you have some idea as to when you might be able to pass it.

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Booking a practical exam and passing it are two different aspects. You could book for next week if there are tests available. Could you pass next week? Is the question you should be asking. Maybe you are not sure if you will be ready by next week! Asking your driving instructor is possibly the best way to determine what standard of driving you are at the moment.

On the day of your test

On the big day, you will need to bring your own car or a driving school car. Dual controls are not necessary. The car must be fitted with an interior mirror on the passenger side for the examiner to use. Two ‘L’ plates must be fitted and clearly visible from the outside at the front and back of the car. The car must be suitable & fit for purpose for the category you are intending to drive as a qualified diver.

Some cars are banned from being used on a driving test

The car must be insured for the examiner to come with you. It should also be taxed and have a valid MOT if it needs one. The car interior must be reasonably clean & not smelling of cigarettes. [It is the examiners working environment and so should comply with all health & safety requirements.]

*DVSA Driver Vehicle Standards Agency – The Government body responsible for the administration of driving tests.

Test Advice for the day

Your big day day has finally arrived and you are anxious about how you will get on. Make sure you arrive at the test centre at least 15 minutes before your appointment. Sometimes arriving earlier than this though causes the examiner on the previous test a problem with parking.

On the day of your driving test you will need to bring with you:

Driving Test Advice – Documents

Once you have met your examiner and had your documents checked you will be asked to sign the test report form which includes a declaration of UK residency (go to page 5). You will then be asked if you would like to have your instructor or supervisor come with you.
After leaving the office you will be asked to read a car number plate from a distance of 20/20.5 metres (depending on the type of number plate). Should that be OK you will then be asked two Show Me/ Tell Me Questions? You are now asked to enter your vehicle to start your driving part of the test. This part takes around 40 minutes and you will be expected to drive to an overall standard of good safe driving.