Contact Scottish Driving School using the form, or if you prefer click the email image to send an email.
All you will need is a provisional driving licence. A theory test pass is not required for any driving course.  It’s only required to take a driving test. All courses include our fast book driving test service when you are ready to pass.
Whether you contact us by email or the form please mention:
Your name
Your location
Whether you have driven before or a beginner
When you are available to start.

Contact Scottish Driving School
Contact Scottish Driving School


How many driving lessons will I need?

The number will depend on your background you could have an approximate idea by using the Perth Intensive Driving Course estimator. No two people learn at the same rate though.

Can I book a 1/2 day course?

Yes it’s possible to book 1/2 day, one day or weekly driving courses.

How soon can I start to learn to drive?

It depends how busy we get but sometimes its possible to book the next day if its for a 1/2 day assessment or trial.

Do you give specialist help to nervous pupils?

Yes, all of our courses are designed to help pupils overcome driving lesson and test nerves.

Do you offer a trial assessment lesson before I book?

Yes, you can book a 2 hour assessment [cost £60]

Not sure how many lessons I might need. How will I know?

You can book a 2 hour assessment lesson if you have had previous lessons

I am a complete beginner, do I need a trial lesson first before I book?

No, beginners do not need a trial lesson first. Beginners would normally book a 30, 40 or 45 hour course.

Can you actually learn to drive in a week and pass your test?

No, that’s highly unlikely for beginners. For learner drivers with some experience, that is possible.