Perth driving examiners now use a Tablet on tests

driving examiners use Tablets

Perth driving examiners now use a Tablet on tests. Just a few days ago a student of mine took their driving test and the examiner used a Tablet to carry

Three rules to pass a driving test

one day driving course

Three rules to pass a driving test need to be followed. If anyone of these rules is not be met, then a driving test fail would occur.

Driving tests attempted by learner drivers top 40

driving tests on empty road

Some learner drivers take over 40 driving tests according to a Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency report (2017-2018). The latest news from the DVSA, reveals the number of driving test

Parallel parking the easy way

Learn to drive parallel parking

The parallel parking exercise is one of the four manoeuvres that could be asked of a learner driver on their test. Learner drivers with their driving instructors spend a lot

Stress and learning to drive can be overcome when you know how

driving lessons nervous learner drivers

Stress awareness week 2018 provides advice to people who suffer nervousness and anxiety.This article has been written as part of the stress awareness week, to help learner drivers overcome their