Learn to drive parallel parking

Learn parallel parking the easy way

The parallel parking exercise is one of the four manoeuvres that could be asked of a learner driver on their test. Learner drivers with their driving instructors spend a lot of time practising this exercise. [Read More]

To Pass your driving test you must

When you are taking your driving lessons, initially you will be trying to master the controls of the car. Most of the outside environment would be of secondary consideration. Once you think you have mastered turning a corner and changing gears. You might think you [Read More]

Stress and learning to drive can be overcome when you know how

  Stress awareness week 2018 provides advice to people who suffer nervousness and anxiety.This article has been written as part of the stress awareness week, to help learner drivers overcome their anxiety. Nervous tension whilst driving prevents potential learners from taking their first lesson. It’s [Read More]