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The best driving school in Perth, Scotland, is the one that meets your needs. Do you want driving lessons on a Sunday morning at 8am? Maybe you would also like to be taught by a friendly, professional driving instructor. Once you have completed your search and you find that particular driving school works on Sunday and is friendly. You have now found the right driving school that meets your requirements. In other words, there is no best driving school. It’s what is best for you. By implying that one driving school is better than another. You are voicing an opinion rather than a quality of service statement.

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Which driving school shall I choose?

Perth – Scotland Driving Schools

There are around 20 driving schools who teach in the Perth area. All of them are DVSA Approved Driving Schools and produce between them a pass rate at Perth test centre on average at 65% passes. Which means of course that some have a pass rate of 80% and others 50%. The pass rate of each instructor (some schools have more than one instructor). Is dependent on the pupil, not necessarily the instructor. A really great instructor who is teaching a student that is not totally focused on the learning process. Will have a challenge in helping that student to pass their practical test. A great teacher would explore every option to help ensure that a pupil who is finding learning difficult, to overcome those blockages of the mind.

Scottish Driving School

When would you choose Scottish Driving School as the best driving school for your lessons? Perhaps you think that you might be a nervous learner driver. In that case, you would have made the right choice. Shy students are treated with the utmost patience to overcome their nerves. Each and every process of moving a car, including stopping, turning and going forward is taken one step at a time. As the lessons progress, you will be building confidence, and your driving skills will be better than you ever thought possible.

Learning to drive at one lesson each week would take over 12 months for a new student to start to grasp the essentials of roadcraft. When you book with us, you can have an intensive driving course that saves you money and time. A 30 hour one week course is the equivalent to around 9 months when lessons are taken weekly. Check how many lessons you might need. This link takes you to our other website Perth Intensive Driving Courses.

Special Intensive Driving Course

Our intensive driving courses are different than most of the courses you will find when you do a search. Our courses are not designed just for the people who want a quick test (but they can do that as well). Our courses are designed to help those pupils who feel they need extra help. Learning to operate the car controls will be determined in a shorter time by repeating over and over again certain operations. That’s why it is essential for all new drivers to stay on the quiet roads in Perth. Once confidence is built up, and familiarity with the car controls is established, slightly busier roads can be tackled.

When learning to drive with us, we believe that your learning experience should be as stress-free as possible. That’s why we recommend that your lessons are taken when you are not tired from your work or school. A day off or a week off work are good times to learn something new. The key to passing a driving test first time with the best driving school is to learn to drive first. You can think about a test once you are ready to pass.

Something to think about!

Here is something to think about! When you were at school, you would have been taught the alphabet – A, B, C etc. That would have taken you a few years to learn and to construct a sentence. Now you can recall the alphabet, after all of these years, without much effort. You didn’t worry then about the time it took, so why worry now? Learning anything new takes a while. That’s where intensive courses come out top of the learning process. Consistent repetition of the critical elements helps you to remember more easily.

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