DVSA Approved Instructor


DVSA Approved Driving Instructor

As a DVSA approved  instructor. I will provide you with the highest level of learner driver training possible to help get you through your driving test. Hi, my name is Malcolm and I am the founder of the Scottish Driving School also a DVSA approved instructor – I have been teaching in the Perth area since 1985 and helped students pass their driving test in the larger cities, of Birmingham, Leicester, Edinburgh & Dundee since 1977.

Before the DVSA stopped issuing instructor records, I was in the top 3 of instructors, for the whole of the UK, my pupils achieving an 88% pass rate over a two year period. The AA Driving School contacted me soon after the results were published and offered me the post of head driving instructor. Eventually I became the face on the AA’s driving school promotional literature. As a DVSA approved instructor I provide all learner drivers with their own individual structured lessons.
Combining both teaching and coaching skills help the nervous learner driver to become more confident.

Perth Driving Lessons

New students start their lessons on the quietest roads in Perth, before progressing onto some of the more challenging ones. Driving lessons for beginners start off with learning the basics of car control. Once car control has been mastered on the quiet roads, a nervous student becomes confident enough to want to learn more. This leads to a more rapid development in the understanding of the elements involved in good safe driving for life.

Helping learner drivers who have had problems in the past. With either grasping the essentials of how to drive a car or failing a driving test are areas that can be dealt with in an easy to follow method.

Driving courses can be booked by the day or multiple days. One week intensive driving courses in Perth are available. You can Contact Malcolm here.

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What is an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

An ADI has to have been a full licence holder for a minimum of 3 years and should be over the age of 21.
The full licence must be for a manual car and preferably have no more than 5 penalty points. Neither must any  ban have been received nor convictions for non motoring offences.

  • A theory test must be passed
  • Another two tests have to be taken within two years of passing the theory test
  • An ability to drive safely test has to be passed lasting around one hour. the test consists of a) An eyesight check [reading a car number plate at 26.5 or 27.5 metres] b) 5 ‘show me tell me’ vehicle safety questions. Which includes one ‘show me question’ whilst driving c) General driving ability. Expert handling of the controls, correct road procedure, anticipation of the actions of other drivers, sound judgement of distance – speed & timing, consideration and safety of others, environmentally friendly driving and possibly an emergency stop. d) Manoeuvres. 2 manoeuvres will be examined from – parallel park, reverse into a parking bay and drive out, drive into a parking bay and reverse out, park on the right side of a road, then reverse for 2 car lengths before moving off. e) Independent driving. Lasts for 20 minutes and either following traffic signs or directions from a sat nav.
  • Instructional ability test. You will need to supply your own pupil who you have to instruct according to their ability. Marking takes place on 17 areas of competence which are grouped into 3 categories. i) lesson planning ii) risk management iii) teaching and learning strategies
  • Scoring 0-30 = fail; 31-42 Grade B; 43-51 Grade A
  • Once passing those tests, you have to apply to become an ADI. Criminal and character checks are then carried out.
  • Failing the part 3 test on a third attempt means you have to take parts 1 & 2 again. You must rebook these tests within 2 years.

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