Intensive Driving Courses Perth Scotland

Scottish driving school  offers intensive driving courses Perth Scotland. As an alternative approach to people who want to be able to drive safely over a shorter period of time than taking weekly driving lessons.

This Scottish Driving School website shows helpful advice whilst learning to drive. Reading this website whilst taking practical driver training can produce outstanding results.  We are a driving school based in Perth Scotland and specialise in the coaching of  new learner drivers (especially those who are nervous). We offer a fast track driving test booking service for pupils who are ready to take their practical driving test.

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Scottish Driving School intensive driving courses build confidence. Driving courses of this high standard produce safe confident drivers for life.

We have developed a system of learner driver training that reduces the time it takes to pass a driving test. This process is achieved without compromising safety.

Intensive driving courses pass the testNew learner drivers are naturally nervous and we take this into consideration on the early driving lessons. Quiet roads are used in the early stages and every concept of moving the car from A to B is covered in great detail. Once your confidence builds you will be moved onto road of moderate traffic.

Complex traffic situations and understanding the right method of approach reduces stress levels. Stress is caused by not understanding what’s going on and what you have to do. Overcoming stress and driving test nerves, form an important part of our training programme. The pupil who starts out as very nervous on early lessons, becomes very confident by the end of their training course.

Driving Courses

Booking a driving course with our experienced UK top graded instructor is your road to success. All driving lessons are structured with the individual student in mind. We book your driving test for you as part of our intensive driving course programme. A test can be booked as soon as you are ready to pass. We do not put our students on a

Scottish Driving School learning to drive the right way
Learning to drive the right way

driving test waiting list. Our high pass rate is due to the way the driving course is structured to help you take your driving test sooner. The DVSA (driving test examining body) always has a waiting list of candidates for a test. We at Scottish Driving School do not put our pupils on that list. Waiting for a test to happen can de-motivate an otherwise enthusiastic pupil. We apply for a test cancellation for all students when ready, which can occur within a day or two  in some cases.

Learning to Drive Specialist Service

  1. One day, three day, 5 day, 7 day & two week or more driving courses
  2. We book your practical test for you once you are ready
  3. Full easy to learn training methods
  4. Residential courses available
  5. Fast test booking service for students with experience
  6. Professional DVSA Approved Driving Instructor & Coach
  7. Specialist quiet road training for nervous pupils
  8. No waiting for a test. Take one as soon as you are ready to pass (subject to an examiner being available)