Scottish Driving School is more than just a Driving Standards Agency Approved school of motoring. It is about learning to drive without the stress and uncertainty that comes with standard lessons. A conventional lesson is usually taken as one lesson each week for 12 months. It will take this length of time to become a reasonably confident driver.

Scottish Driving School

Conventional lessons will teach you how to operate the car controls and follow the rules according to the Highway Code. You will be taught a lot more than the basics when you learn to drive with the Scottish Driving School. Anticipation, planning, understanding how other road users might act are just three examples of our advanced way of teaching.

Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive learn to drive courses taken with Us are an essential part of learning to drive in a short amount of time. We respect that each learner driver has their preferred method of learning. Our intensive courses provide enough practice to raise your confidence. Before you take a practical test, we concentrate on providing you with good safe driving techniques.The original method of providing intensive driving courses is outdated due to traffic conditions and the method of being tested. It used to be that lesson number one was taken on a Monday and on the next Friday you took your driving test. Taking recent previous lessons would be the only situation where this might work.

intensive driving courses DVSA approved

Courses that really do work

Scottish Driving School courses do work, and I wish that we could offer a guaranteed pass but because of the way human nature is that’s not possible. The one guarantee that we can offer though is that your driver training will be the best that you can receive anywhere in Scotland. We offer over 44 years of driver training experience that is priceless. We have helped extremely nervous learners towards their first time pass success. We help over 80% of pupils taking one of our intensive driving courses to pass their practical test first time with no errors.